8 Great Facebook Apps to Help Build Your Email List and Engagement

Hands representing email and social mediaFacebook Like Pages can be an outstanding source of new subscribers for your email list. There are thousands of Facebook applications that can help you generate buzz, attract people to your organization’s page, and engage them. Plus, a number of apps available today also incorporate forms that can collect information to help you build your permission-based email list. So with a little creativity, you can easily customize your Facebook Like Pages to drive more email list sign-ups. Here are eight great Facebook applications to get you started:

  1. My Top Fans
    This app analyzes interactions among you and your friends and calculates which friends share with you the most. Your company can then use that information in promotions, for example, by announcing the top fan each week and giving away an award such as a product coupon.
  2. Fan Appz
    This conveniently combines a number of promotional functions – including for coupons, sweepstakes, polls, a gift store, and more – all in one application.
  3. Page Maps
    To help people more easily find your business location(s), this app allows you to add a custom map to your Like Page that displays a small map with links to a larger map or directions.
  4. My Countdowns
    You can create a lot of excitement on your Facebook Like Page with this customizable app, which helps you count down to a special occasion, such as a grand opening, new product launch, or special giveaway.
  5. Sign-Up Form
    With this application, users can sign up for a service, newsletter, or to get additional information directly within the Facebook Like Page, without having to leave Facebook.
  6. I Endorse
    With this Facebook app, you can easily collect and display endorsements from users to help build both your business relationships and reputation.
  7. Eventbrite
    If your company hosts special events, you’ll find this app very useful. Eventbrite’s suite of easy-to-use online tools is free, unless you’re selling tickets. In that case, a fee is charged.
  8. Welcome Tab
    This is a simple app that lets you show just about any content on your page, such as products, pictures, events, your business profile, and videos. The really great thing about this application is that it comes with its own metrics and analytics to help you measure response to your Facebook Like Page.

Do you have any tips for using social media to build email lists? Please share your success stories with us!

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