Get Realistic about Improving Your Email-Marketing Campaigns

Many clients ask us how to make dramatic improvements in their email-marketing efforts. Typically, the urgency to grow their lists—usually by a lot—comes to mind for most people. Although list growth is often at the heart of improvement, the right combination of efforts beyond list growth is also important to help you reach your goals.

At FulcrumTech, we often review clients’ email-marketing programs and immediately see issues with their lists. In some cases, a list is too small to generate the desired results. Or we find a high percentage of inactive users, and the list hasn’t seen growth in months, or even more than a year. The solution? Growing the list 25% a month would fix it—right? Unfortunately, most companies can’t realistically generate that type of growth.

Measure the impact of multiple improvements
So, beyond list growth, combining a variety of improvements to boost your financial results is important—open rate improvements, reduction in active user growth, increased click-through rates…the list goes on.

Email marketing is all about measuring. You must measure everything about your program. Why not estimate the impact of every potential improvement? Then, look at the combined, potential improvement of multiple initiatives. Finally, find the combination that (a) yields the results you need and (b) is realistic to implement. If you can identify exactly what you need to achieve across a basket of metrics, you’ve completed half the battle.

When you work with multiple types of improvements, you’ll likely realize that you don’t need to achieve unrealistic improvements in any single metric, but that you can achieve superb improvements through the combination.

At FulcrumTech, we use a sophisticated email-marketing financial model to help our clients quantify the potential financial impact of multiple improvements. Once we determine the right combination, we can then develop a cohesive strategy that delivers.

Let us know how you overcome some of your biggest improvement hurdles when that boss is really breathing down your neck!

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