How to Leverage Existing Data to Improve Performance of your Campaigns


Use This Data to Drive Email Engagement with Your Prospects and Customers

Are you leveraging key data that your company already has to improve the relevance and performance of your email-marketing campaigns? Here, we share a great example of how to do just that.

Increasing subscriber engagement is a top priority for most email marketers today. At the same time, customers now expect marketers to know their preferences and anticipate their needs.

So, how do you gauge your customers’ needs and whether your email campaigns are meeting those needs? Leveraging available data sources to better understand your subscribers is an important way to determine for what prospects and customers are looking to help drive email engagement (e.g., opens, clicks, and conversions).

A Need to Be More Customer-Centric — At the Core of Data-Driven Marketing

The need to be more customer-centric has become one of the biggest drivers for data-driven marketing, according to a recent global review of data marketing and advertising. And the following were listed as the top three areas of focus for data-marketing efforts:

  • Targeting offers, messages, and content
  • Data-driven strategy of product development
  • Customer experience optimization

Furthermore, creating custom messages and personalized customer experiences was the No. 1 data-marketing priority among the marketing professionals surveyed.

Customer Service Logs — A Goldmine of Easily Accessed Information

You likely have access to an overwhelming amount of customer data. So, when it comes to implementing a data-driven strategy, where should you start? Begin by focusing on data sources that provide you with the most value and are easiest to access.

Customer service logs and chat conversations are perfect examples of the types of data that most e-commerce companies have and can easily access. Customer service logs and chat conversations can be a goldmine of information for increasing the relevance of your email content, driving better engagement with prospects and customers, growing sales, and boosting return on investment.

For example, FulcrumTech recently analyzed the raw chat transcripts of one of our e-commerce clients. The analysis revealed that questions about certain topics were asked repeatedly. This was an indication that there were areas for improvement in the current communications provided to prospects throughout their customer journey.
The following are a few examples of the general categories of topics about which we found prospects and customers were asking:

  • To where the product can be shipped (e.g., outside of the United States)
  • Cost of the product
  • Technology questions from prospects who don’t own a product
  • Technology questions from customers who own a product.

Using the information uncovered in the customer service chat transcripts, we were able to identify opportunities in both welcome email campaigns and other nurturing emails (e.g., post-purchase emails, reengagement campaigns) where these questions could be addressed. One option, for example, involves adding links in the welcome email series to areas on the website that provide answers to many of the questions.

In addition to providing the information that prospects need to help them convert, these types of improvements in the customer purchase journey likely will help reduce the number of questions that customer service representatives must field on a regular basis. Down the line, the information could also be used to create automated customer support emails that deal with specific topics.

Need help with driving better engagement in your email campaigns? Contact the data-driven email-marketing experts at FulcrumTech today, and we’ll help you identify and implement improvements to maximize the impact of your email-marketing efforts.

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