The Power of a Single Call to Action

We recently published a newsletter for a client. Typically, each issue includes a quick survey. To boost response on a recent survey, we created a simple, dedicated email to encourage subscribers to click on the link to answer a couple of questions. We were seeking many more survey completions with this dedicated email.

We established a clear statement of what we wanted subscribers to do (click to respond to the survey) and why they should do it.

The Power of a Single Call to Action

This single email resulted in 27 times the original response from the survey embedded in the email newsletter – a great example of what a single-purpose email with a single clear call to action can do.

Oftentimes, marketers tend to clutter promotional emails and newsletters with so many calls to action that none succeeds. Keep an email simple, make it clear what you want the recipients to do, and give them a compelling reason to do so, and the email will deliver.

Tell us about some of your successes!

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