Holiday Email Teasers—3 Tips for Driving Holiday E-Commerce Sales

Holiday Email Teasers

At FulcrumTech, we have a little trick up our sleeves for dramatically driving up holiday email conversion rates: holiday teasers. Check out these tips for creating holiday teaser emails, and give your e-commerce sales a big lift during the holiday season.

Why Add a Teaser Email to Your Next Holiday Email Campaign?

Email send volume significantly spikes during holidays. That means your subscribers’ inboxes are being flooded with promotional emails, especially during Cyber Week. The following are some initial 2016 stats that demonstrate the growing trend of shopping online during the holidays:

As inbox clutter continues to grow thanks to more and more online holiday promotions each year, we’ve found that sending a teaser email several days ahead of the actual holiday can help our clients’ holiday email campaigns stand out. Teaser emails work to build anticipation and excitement for the upcoming special promotion among your subscriber base. As a result, subscribers are more apt to open your holiday promotion. And most importantly, those subscribers who actually open your holiday promotional email are “primed”—and, thus, more likely to make a purchase.

How Effective Are Holiday Teaser Emails?

To give you an idea of just how effective a holiday teaser email can be, here are some results achieved from a 2016 Cyber Monday email campaign that FulcrumTech designed and implemented for one of our consumer-products e-commerce clients:

  • 27% unique open rate for the holiday teaser email
  • 26% unique open rate for the Cyber Monday promotional email
  • 238% improvement in revenue over last year’s Cyber Monday campaign
  • 31 times return on investment (ROI).

As these results indicate, the teaser email may not have gotten a higher percentage of subscribers to open the promotional email; however, the subscribers who did open the Cyber Monday email were ready to take action—make a purchase and have a positive impact on the revenue generated from the Cyber Monday campaign. (To provide some context, the Cyber Monday email campaign that we implemented for this client last year was the company’s biggest sales day to date, exceeding the campaign’s stretch goal by three-fold. So, we were comparing this year’s results to an already high-performing campaign.)

Tips for Crafting Your Own Holiday Email Teasers

The following are our three top tricks of the trade for designing holiday teasers that drive conversions:

  1. Send the teaser email about one week prior to the actual holiday. So, if you’re running a Cyber Monday promotion, for example, send your teaser email on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This gets your teaser email into subscribers’ inboxes before they’re too inundated with holiday email promotions. Plus, it primes your subscribers to watch for the offer to come.
  2. Capitalize on the two major levers of holiday teasers: offer and urgency.
    • Be sure that your holiday offer is amazing. Offering the same types of promotions that are typically available yearlong just won’t do.
    • Make the special offer available for a limited time only. A Cyber Monday deal that extends for an entire week is less likely to drive immediate conversions compared to a true, one-day deal.
  3. Create some mystery about the offer in your teaser. In other words, don’t tell subscribers exactly what the offer is in the teaser email. Use phrases such as “never done before” and “exclusive deal” to help build excitement about your brand, as well as anticipation for the holiday promotion.

No matter the holiday or event—whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother’s Day, or Halloween—FulcrumTech can help you design and implement the perfect holiday teaser to boost engagement and ROI for all of your holiday email campaigns. Contact us and get started today!

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