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Email Review: Does It Motivate You to Start Planning a Tropical Vacation?

“Destination: Costa Rica”
That was a subject line of a promotional email sent to a prospective customer who said that she likely joined AMResorts’ email list while searching online for vacation options. Because this subject line is short (21 characters), it will likely stand out in the inbox. It’s also a strong subject line, especially when combined with the preheader: “Start planning your trip to the happiest country in the world!”

Life is Good Email Review: Does This Welcome Email Give You Good Vibes?

“Good Vibes Coming Your Way!” is the subject line of this welcome email sent to a Life is Good customer and fan who signed up to receive emails from the company through a Facebook promotion. It conveys a nice, positive message that is consistent with the company’s brand. And compared to many subject lines today, this one is relatively short, which will likely help it get noticed in the inbox.

eBay Email Review: Does It Deliver the Personalized Experience Promised in the Subject Line?

This was the subject line in a promotional email sent by eBay to a recipient who was not an eBay customer and unsure how she got on the company’s email list. The subject line was paired with the preheader, “We’ve collected some great deals we know you’ll love,” which sets up recipients for a personalized email experience. The subject line also has personality, which helps this eBay email stand out in the inbox.

Toys “R” Us Email Review: Is This the Mother of All Nurturing Emails?


That’s the subject line of a nurturing email sent on Mother’s Day to a customer who signed up to receive promotions through the Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us rewards program. This subject line is distinctive and stands out in the inbox. And it’s also amusing—especially to moms, who can identify with children sounding just like that when demanding immediate attention.

Oreck Email Review: Does It Persuade You to Update Your Preferences and “Vacuum Up” the Offer?

This email was sent to an Oreck customer who had recently brought her vacuum into a local store for service. The subject line—”Tell us about YOU!”—is straightforward and stands out in the inbox thanks to the use of uppercase letters. It’s also customer-centric, clearly expressing that the company is interested in “YOU!”

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