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Macy’s Email: Does It Have the Magic of Macy’s to Reengage Subscribers?

This reengagement email was sent to a Macy’s subscriber who hadn’t opened or interacted with an email from the retailer in several months. “Hurry & say yes to Macy’s emails…the clock’s ticking!” was the subject line of the email. Macy’s is a huge, well-known brand. That’s why the inclusion of Macy’s in the subject line alone may be enough to encourage people to open the email.

Frox Email: Is It Styling or a Fashion Faux Pas?

“We couldn’t do it without you!!!” That was the subject line of this promotional email sent to a Frox customer who had signed up during a store visit to receive emails. Although the subject line expresses a nice sentiment, it provides no incentive for recipients to open the email. In fact, this recipient had deleted the email before even opening it. A friend (and fellow Frox shopper) asked the recipient if she had gotten a $15 Frox gift certificate, which prompted a search of the trash folder to retrieve the email.

CityEats Philly Email Newsletter Review: Is It a Tasty Treat?

This email was sent to a Philadelphia resident who signed up for the newsletter at the CityEats Philadelphia website. The subject line — “Where to Find Our Favorite Summer Foods” — is a strong one. The recipient sees in the From line that CityEats Philly is the sender and is likely interested in finding out which restaurants are rated among the seasonal favorites.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Email: Is It a Work of Art?

This email was sent to an individual whose annual membership at the Philadelphia Museum of Art had expired a couple of months earlier. The subject line – “Invitation to Participate in Philadelphia Museum of Art Study” – is a strong one. Instead of letting past members know that this email is a request to complete a survey, the opportunity to “participate in a study” sounds much more appealing. It helps pique recipients’ interest to open the email and find out more.

Sony PlayStation4 Email Review: Can You Find the Missed Opportunities to Take It to the Next Level?

“Reserve the All-new PlayStation4 System Today + Join the #PS4 Conversation” is the subject line for this promotional email sent to someone who had bought a Sony computer. With “Sony Electronics” in the from line, the first part of the subject line clearly tells recipients to reserve a new PlayStation4 System. The second half of the subject line, however, is not as clear and also makes this subject line very long.

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