Trending Technologies in Email Marketing Seen at EEC

What’s trending in email marketing in 2015? Here are links to some of the neat email technologies mentioned or exhibited at the 2015 Email Evolution Conference. These products and platforms give insight to the future of email marketing.

  • Inkbrush – Offered by the email technology company Movable Ink, Inkbrush is a free tool for converting design files (e.g., Photoshop files) to email-ready HTML that is fully responsive.
  • Bounce Exchange –  This digital marketing platform helps clients enhance conversion revenue by serving content tailored to different segments of website visitors. Using software to analyze visitor behavior – including purchase history, traffic sources, engagement patterns, and the moment visitors abandon a site – Bounce Exchange establishes customer acquisition strategies designed to boost business metrics.
  • boomtrain –  This personalized notification platform helps companies send email and push notifications that are customized with content to connect with individual recipients. Built on complex, predictive algorithms, boomtrain platforms make sending a multitude of personalized messages as easy as sending a single email to that same multitude of people.
  • Canva – This is a free and easy-to-use email design tool that can be especially useful for creating such elements as simple email headers. Based on intuitive controls (e.g., drag and drop), this software makes adding, removing, and editing designs a snap. Users have access to over a million graphics, fonts, and photographs, with options to add backgrounds, text, and even upload their own work.
  • Maropost –  Built for mid-size enterprise-level performance, this rapidly growing Canadian-based email service provider (ESP) offers a full suite of social, mobile, web, reporting, and analytics with full automation capabilities. Maropost’s easy-to-use on-demand digital marketing platform ensures the delivery of targeted email messages to the right contact at the right time. Since its launch 3 years ago, the company hasn’t lost any of its customers, which now total over 200.
  • Liveclicker – This technology company offers a real-time email solution that updates email content dynamically at the moment of open. Founded in 2008, Liveclicker also provides video commerce solutions that centralize video management and allow marketers to distribute video content across sites and channels with a single click
  • SimpleRelevance – Personalization is hot in email marketing these days. SimpleRelevance’s “recommendation engine” uses email data, as well as customer demographics and behavior, to create personalized, targeted email messages that are sent at the best time of day, with the most engaging subject line and the most enticing product recommendations for individual recipients.
  • dotmailer – Headquartered in London, dotmailer provides powerful and easy-to-use email-marketing software and marketing automation for small and medium-sized enterprises, retailers, and big brands. It’s become the largest email-marketing provider in the United Kingdom, with about 70,000 users in more than 150 countries.
  • PowerInbox – This technology company combines real-time email capabilities with dynamic animation, device and geographic targeting, and personalization to help boost engagement. It also allows users to place third-party ads in their emails. In addition to being easy to implement, PowerInbox works with existing email programs.

Of course, there were many other wonderful tools and technologies that shouldn’t be overlooked as well, including Lyris, BlueHornet, FreshAddress, Selligent, Return Path, and more. These all can be seen here .

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