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How to Choose an Email Service Provider

…ew things you initially need to think about. What are your needs and how is email marketing defined by your organization? How many email addresses are in your current database? How frequently do you email? Do you incorporate personalization and dynamic content? Do you use triggered/transactional emails (e.g., cart abandonment, order confirmation)? What types of segmentation do you use? What are your organization’s plans for future growth?…

10 Tips for Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates

…s to stand out in the inbox. Thanks to the ever-increasing sea of promotions, today’s marketers are finding it harder and harder to get their emails noticed in the inbox. Try using symbols, punctuation, uppercase letters, or personalization to physically draw readers’ eyes to your subject line. Parentheses can also be effective in drawing a reader’s eye to your subject line, while allowing you to provide information (but use only two…

The Oops Email — What to Do When You Make an Email-Marketing Mistake

…hen you can take the time to craft a quality email response. Preview Improving Your Email Quality Control Of course, the best strategy is to prevent mistakes from happening. One important way to help catch typos, see if your personalization is working, and detect broken links is to test your emails before sending them. And, stating the obvious, proofreading your emails is a must. Then proofread them again. Plus, have other people proofread them….

Some of the Latest Email Stats, Studies, and Strategies to Help You Boost Email Engagement

…11 a.m.) is the best time of day to get a response, and 25% said midday (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) 87% of respondents included images in their welcome emails, whereas 26% included videos More than half of the respondents considered personalization and segmentation to be the most important tactics for driving conversions 60% of respondents said that they weren’t making the most of their welcome emails. Check out this infographic from Campaigner…

Google’s New Inbox App — What It Means for Email Marketers

…relevancy with their recipients to continue to survive and thrive today. So what are some ways organizations can help keep their email-marketing campaigns relevant? The use of dynamic content, triggered email drip campaigns, personalization, and segmentation are just a few examples of tools that you can use to help keep subscribers engaged with your email campaigns. Is your organization ready for Google’s new Inbox? Contact the experts at…

eBags Email Review: Is It in the Bag for Getting the Click?

…email message. eBags personalized this email by using the recipient’s name in the preheader, as well as providing some recommended items, which were based on prior purchases. As we discussed in a previous NewsLever article, personalization pays off with a positive impact on overall transaction rates of email campaigns. In this case, however, the personalized product selection would have had more of an impact if it had been featured closer to…

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