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13 Winning Email Newsletter Best Practices

…Track, test, and optimize your email newsletters. What works best for your target audience? When it comes to subject lines, for example, does short and funny drive more opens than long and informative? And what frequency and cadence (the timing and pattern of emails sent) result in optimum performance, without increasing the unsubscribe rate or spam complaints? Monitoring your newsletter email metrics and testing and optimizing various elements…

10 Email Tips for a Very Merry (and Profitable) Holiday Season

…ey. The time when prospects are beginning to search for a product is the key moment for influencing their purchase decision — hopefully before they have a chance to check out competitors’ similar products. Optimize the cadence and frequency of your triggered emails. For example, you may find that it’s more effective to shorten the launch of each of your abandoned-cart campaign emails during the holiday season, as well as to increase…

What Are Good Open and Click-through Rates for Email-Marketing Campaigns?

…n and click-through rates. Day/time sent—In addition to testing which days of the week and times of day are best for sending emails to your target audience, you also should test to optimize the email send frequency and email cadence. Email-Marketing Education—How to Improve Your Open and Click-through Rates So, now that you have more context, what can you do to improve your email-marketing statistics? First look at your subject lines—are they…

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