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Email-Marketing Optimization — 7 Steps to Effective A/B Split Testing

…variables you may want to test: Email subject lines From lines Calls to action (e.g., location, size, color, copy) Headlines Message layouts Design Images Offers and incentives Adding a video Fonts (type, colors, and sizes) Personalization Best weekdays to send Time tests (e.g., morning versus late afternoon) Choose what measure of success you’ll use to determine the winner. Success measurements for email campaigns include: Open rates…

Email-Marketing Optimization—When, Where, and How People Engage With Email

…tent that’s better personalized to their interests. Customization of emails from brands was rated from medium to high importance among all age groups of respondents. What was the most frustrating way that emails lacked personalization? 34% of the respondents said getting recommendations that didn’t match their personal interests 24% of respondents said getting offers that already expired 15% of respondents said the misspelling of…

Email Deliverability vs. Email Delivery Rate: How to Make It to the Inbox

…clean list. This includes immediately removing email addresses that have returned hard bounces, as well as people who have unsubscribed from your email list Be sure that your content is relevant to your target audience. Use personalization and segmentation to help boost your engagement metrics (e.g., open and click rates), which, in turn, will have a positive impact on your sender reputation. Optimize your email sends for frequency and cadence….

Email Branding Tips that Win in the Inbox

…l Campaigns—How to Successfully Regain Lost Customers and Boost Revenue.” Use the customer data you collect to deliver relevant and personalized emails to your subscribers. Using predictive marketing, segmentation, and personalization to create targeted email campaigns can help build relationships and trust with your customers. And by delivering a better customer experience in your email marketing, you’ll also help build a stronger…

IP-Warming Best Practices

…y to be opened and clicked. For example, you may want to send a series of static emails—that you can drip out over time—with promotions or coupons that typically generate high engagement from subscribers. Additionally, using personalization in the subject line is proven to increase opens. Make sure that you have at least 1 solid call to action to drive engagement within your content. Avoid sending to people who don’t want to get your…

10 Best-Practice Tips for Optimizing Your Abandoned-Cart Recovery Emails

…generic shopping-cart recovery emails to all abandoners, personalize your abandoned-cart recovery emails to include customers’ names and specific items left in their carts. As we talked about in a previous NewsLever feature, personalization in email marketing pays off! Time it right. Be sure not to bombard prospects with too many abandoned-cart emails. A series of three emails, for example, is the sweet spot for most audiences. When should you…

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