Get the Click: Winnie's Organic Animal Products

This email promoting organic treats for horses starts off strong with a subject line that instantly grabs interest: “Winnie’s Cookies – Complimentary Samples.” Combined with the from line, “Winnie’s Organic Animal Products,” this effective subject line motivates recipients to open the email and find out how to get their free samples of organic pet treats.

Get the Click: BodyGuardz

In this email sent by BodyGuardz, the subject line and the from line work together to be highly effective for the target audience – people who are into cases for their personal electronics. “Redefining Full-Body Protection: New UltraTough™ Film!” tells subscribers immediately that there’s something new from a company they trust, engaging them to open the email to see what’s different about the full-body protection.

Get the Click: Parallels, Inc.

This email to promote Kaspersky Internet Security and Anti-Virus did a great job with their subject line—it has a clear offer and front-loaded benefits, and it clearly identifies the reason for the email—but its opportunity to follow through effectively broke down once opened.

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