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Rue La La Email: A Welcome Combination of Style and Substance

Rue La La is an invitation-only shopping website where members can buy from “private sale boutiques” that are open for a short time and offer top brands in fashion, travel, home, gourmet food, wine, and more. We recently reviewed a welcome email from a similar shopping website – Gilt. Compared to Gilt’s welcome email, this one does a better job of introducing the membership benefits to ultimately drive conversions.

Gilt Groupe Email: Does It Glitter or Is It Fool's Gold?

Gilt Groupe is a members-only shopping website that gives access to top designer labels at up to 60% off the retail price. In this welcome email, Gilt starts off effectively with a strong subject line: “Get Started with Gilt.” Sent to new members within minutes of signing up, recipients are looking forward to finding out more about Gilt.

Get the Click: Animoto

Animoto is an online video creation service that lets users take their own photographs, videos, and music and make polished, professional-looking video slideshows. In this email, the company is letting its users know that they can now grab and incorporate photos from Instagram – the popular iPhone application that allows users to snap pictures, add filters, and share them on social networking sites. Overall, the email successfully communicates this message.

Get the Click: Honda

Five days before this year’s Super Bowl, Honda sent an email with a link to a television commercial that would be played for the first time during the game. The ad for the new 2012 Honda CR-V stars Matthew Broderick in a reprisal of his role as Ferris Bueller in the classic 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Although we don’t know Honda’s criteria for this email list, we do know that current CR-V owners – including those who recently purchased a CR-V – were on the list.

Get the Click: Winnie's Organic Animal Products

This email promoting organic treats for horses starts off strong with a subject line that instantly grabs interest: “Winnie’s Cookies – Complimentary Samples.” Combined with the from line, “Winnie’s Organic Animal Products,” this effective subject line motivates recipients to open the email and find out how to get their free samples of organic pet treats.

Get the Click: BodyGuardz

In this email sent by BodyGuardz, the subject line and the from line work together to be highly effective for the target audience – people who are into cases for their personal electronics. “Redefining Full-Body Protection: New UltraTough™ Film!” tells subscribers immediately that there’s something new from a company they trust, engaging them to open the email to see what’s different about the full-body protection.

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