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9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Welcome Emails

Did you know that Welcome Messages have the highest open rates of all promotional emails sent? That’s why Welcome Messages provide a great opportunity to establish a strong online relationship with your subscribers from the start, as well as communicate your marketing message to a highly-engaged audience. In this issue, we provide several important tips to help you create effective Welcome Emails.

Do An Email Audit: Achieve Better Results

Is your email marketing program all it can be? It may be time to take a step back and review key areas of your email program. To help, we offer up the most important email performance issues that we typically address during an audit. Plus, we provide a few improvement ideas that can help quickly boost your email marketing effectiveness.

5 Strategies to Ensure your Email's Deliverability

Did you know that spam volume increased 100% over 2007, reaching more than 120 billion spam messages per day according to a recent study by IronPort? Breaking past the barricades put in place by Internet service providers (ISPs), companies, and subscribers is tough business. You can do so much right with your design and copy, and still achieve less than optimal results. Pay attention to the issues surrounding what is called "deliverability," though, and you can keep your email program humming. Check out our 5 top strategies for getting your messages to your subscribers.

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