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Microsoft Launches the New Email Service – How Will It Impact Email Users and Marketers?

Microsoft launched its new web-based email service on July 31 and within just 6 hours had 1 million users, according to a company Tweet. As this new email service makes its debut, I’ll share a quick look at some of’s benefits for users, as well as predict how it will potentially impact email marketers in the near future.

Please Don’t Call It an Email Blast

If there’s one thing that makes me cringe, it’s when someone calls an email-marketing campaign a “blast.” Everything about that word goes against what we as email-marketing professionals do in creating email campaigns that deliver outstanding results. I thought I’d pull a few definitions of blast from a dictionary to drive home my point. I…

Summary of ExactTarget's New Product Investments

As I introduced in my first blog, this is a summary of ExactTarget’s new product investments that helps demonstrate the company’s continuing commitment to marketers. ExactTarget announced at Connections 2011 that they expect to exceed $200 million in revenue, with $40 million of that being plowed right back into research and development. Not many other email service providers (ESPs) can boast these levels of success and investment.

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