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What Time of Day Should You Send Your Email Campaigns?

What’s the best time of day to send emails? The answer to this often-debated question is not so simple: it depends. It depends on the demographics of your particular audience and their email reading habits. Optimally, you want to have your email near the top of the list when your recipients open their inboxes. You also hope that when they see your email they’ll have the time to devote to opening, reading, and acting on your marketing message. But one thing is for sure – timing does indeed have a significant impact on the response to email campaigns.

Facebook's New Messages – How Will It Impact Your Email-Marketing Program?

There’s been quite a bit of fanfare surrounding Facebook’s recent announcement about its new integrated messaging system. Although Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized, “This is not an email killer,” there are some interesting potential implications of Facebook’s new platform for email marketers.

6 Steps to a Powerful Email Welcome Program

I recently attended a Lyris email-marketing conference in Chicago, and there was a critical theme that threaded through a number of the presentations – the power of a welcome program. I’ve talked about welcome emails before (see “9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Welcome Emails”). If you haven’t thought through the entire welcome experience, however, you’re missing one of the most critical elements of building your email list and the resulting email-marketing ROI. So, here I describe the architecture and elements you don’t want to miss for your email welcome program.

Ever Heard of the Active Unique Open Rate?

When it comes to email marketing, you’ve probably heard of a unique open rate or total open rate. But another interesting metric to track is your active unique open rate—the number of opens by the active members of your list. It gives you a better picture of the extent – month to month – that you’re meeting your subscribers’ interests.

How to Choose an Email-Marketing Consultant: 10 Questions Everyone Should Ask

If you’re looking to increase the return on investment from your email-marketing efforts, an email-marketing consultant may be the answer. But how do you find a consultant who has the expertise needed to identify and implement the improvements you strive for?

Ask the Obvious with Your Email Preference Center

If you’ve read much on our FulcrumTech site, you undoubtedly know that we are constantly talking about the importance of knowing your audience. Knowing your subscribers and then consistently sending relevant content is your key to driving your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to higher levels.

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