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6 Ways to Improve Your Email Reputation and Deliverability

What’s your email reputation? When it comes to the deliverability of your emails, your reputation as an email sender plays a major role. The better your email reputation, the more emails make it to the inboxes of your recipients. Here we discuss 5 key email-marketing practices you should focus on to help optimize your email reputation and delivery rates.

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider (ESP)

Your email service provider (ESP) can make a huge impact on the success of your email campaigns (for email newsletters or promotional email). Over the years, I have spoken with many prospects and clients who just didn’t know how much better they could do with the right toolset. As you evaluate your current email service provider (ESP) – and possibly search for a new one – here are some important questions you should be asking…

How to Get Around the Outlook Junk Filters

Recently, we were preparing a series of emails to go to a very large list for a client. We had completed the design, coding, rendering and delivery tests, and all was great except for getting through the Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 junk filters. Typically, all of the process and best practices we employ lead to no problems by the time we get to this point, but not this time. I thought the following process would be of interest to FulcrumTech’s readers in terms of how we solved this tough spam issue with Outlook…

5 Steps for Re-Engaging the Inactive Users on Your Email List

Let’s say your email campaigns have open rates of about 25%. Is it the same 25% of the people on your list opening the emails every month? Do you know how many people on your list are inactive users – haven’t opened an email for 6 months or more? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time to find out. In this month’s feature article, we talk about why it’s important to know the numbers of active versus inactive users on your list, steps to effectively re-engage inactive users, as well as ways to keep your subscribers actively engaged.

CAN-SPAM ACT Updates for 2008

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (a Federal law) establishes the requirements (and penalties) for those who send commercial email. You can access an overview at the Federal Trade Commission Web site. An important update was just released, which is to go into effect on July 7, 2008. A great summary of the new interpretations can be found at Pepper Hamilton’s Web site. The key updates include clarifcations of the following…

Active versus Inactive Users: Who's On Your Email List?

A new client recently came to me concerned about the open rates for his email campaigns, which were running about 11%. When I asked whether he was aware of the proportion of active versus inactive users on his email list, he had no idea. So we determined the number of inactive users (people who hadn’t opened his company’s emails for 6 months or more), took a look at the open rates without the inactive users and found that that the rates were actually about 37%. My advice: It was time to try to re-engage his audience and/or weed out the inactive users from the list.

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