Part 1—What Is Predictive Marketing and How Does It Fit Into the Email-Marketing World?

Predictive marketing is one of the top email-marketing trends in 2018. That’s because it paves the way for marketers to make more data-driven decisions, which, in turn, gives a big lift to email-marketing performance, sales, and revenue. Find out what you need to know about predictive marketing-and how to effectively implement it into your email program-beginning with this first article in a 3-part series.

What’s Kinetic Email and Why Should You Use It?

In the quest to stand out in the inbox and engage with their subscribers, more and more email marketers are giving kinetic email a try. Here’s why. What Is Kinetic Email? Hover-over animations, rotating banners, carousels, sliders, interactive shopping carts, and games—these are a few examples of the high-impact and interactive designs featured in kinetic…

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