Post-Purchase Emails-How to Give a Big Boost to Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

You’re hopefully still basking in the glow of a successful holiday email-marketing season that garnered many new customers for your brand. Now it’s time to work on building long-term relationships and turning those first-time purchasers into loyal, lifelong customers. How? Post-purchase email campaigns are a key way to help retain customers and drive more sales….

Email Analytics: Email-Marketing Analytics That Matter

Looking to improve email campaign performance and your overall email-marketing return on investment (ROI)? Are you trying to get more clicks and conversions? If so, the best place to start is by identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to your business. Then, you’ll want to identify and focus on the email-marketing metrics that must be improved to support your KPIs.

Get the Most Out of Your Email Campaigns in 2018

Email continues to reign as the top dog of marketing channels. Here are highlights of an email-marketing survey that not only shows how well the email channel performed in 2017, but also some of the most effective email tactics used by leading B2B and B2C executives. Plus, you’ll find useful resource links to help you implement these email tactics to get the most out of your 2018 email campaigns! Email Review: Is It One of Your Favorites?

“Welcome to Your Favorites”

That was the subject line of this nurturing email sent to an customer. It’s a strong subject line that stands out in the inbox, especially when paired with the playful preheader, “Look at you, favoriting things like a pro!” Immediately, the subject line and preheader indicate to the recipient that this email contains personalized information.

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