7 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing Results

A recent MarketingSherpa study found that 78% of business to business (B2B) marketers see the impact of email continuing to increase; for consumer marketers, it’s 69%. We can’t emphasize it enough, however – there are many variables that will determine if your email campaign delivers the results you’re expecting – whether these campaigns are retention, transactional or prospecting based.

What can you do to create a well thought out and executed email campaign? Read this article and we’ll introduce you to 7 important factors to consider when planning your next email marketing campaign.

Transactional Email: Automated and Powerful

With open rates almost three times that of commercial emails, transactional email messaging should not be overlooked. These emails are great for sales conversion, customer services, up-selling, gaining important information about customers and prospects, and reducing manual processes within your company. This is one article you can’t miss!

Justifying Email Marketing

Many people ask me about the value of email marketing, or, better termed “permission marketing.” Well, this is certainly a topic we at FulcrumTech love to discuss.

In this issue, we’ve compiled some impressive statistics from industry success stories, and there are thousands more out there. Feel free to share these stats with your colleagues – they are really impressive! How you may use email and what objectives you can achieve with it are limited only by your imagination and insight.

Every successful program, however, is successful because of how it was planned, written, designed, and managed from step one. To get you started, I’ve also provided some ways to get you thinking and planning about how email can help you blow away your next targets.

Where to Find a Cornucopia of Rich Content

You may not realize it, but your organization is a cornucopia of rich content.

Each and every day your organization is developing rich content. Your sales people talk on the phone answering questions about your products, technologies, or services. Your project managers answer questions or provide information to a host of internal and external clients. Every conversation that happens within your organization is a source from which to develop rich, powerful content.

Delivering Powerful Results…Starts with Knowing the Market

Just a few short years ago, email marketing took off. Shortly after being introduced, email became the method of choice for customer acquisition and retention. Companies turned to email to develop and maintain relationships with their employees, partners, and supply chains. Too much of a good thing caused the email bubble to burst. The frenzy to capitalize on this cost-effective method of communication made open rates plummet and the effectiveness of email to diminish. Today, desired results from email marketing can only be achieved if email is part of an overall interactive strategy. Sounds easy, but what exactly does this mean?

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