6 Ways to Improve Your Email Reputation and Deliverability

What’s your email reputation? When it comes to the deliverability of your emails, your reputation as an email sender plays a major role. The better your email reputation, the more emails make it to the inboxes of your recipients. Here we discuss 5 key email-marketing practices you should focus on to help optimize your email reputation and delivery rates.

Using Email Subject Lines to Build a Strong Brand Identity

As the competition for customers intensifies in today’s economy, a strong brand identity—even in a local market—gives you an invaluable advantage. Not only does a strong brand command a premium price for your products and services, it also can help create the perception of quality, driving customer loyalty. And, email marketing is a key way to help develop and maintain brand identity. This month, we focus on 4 important ways to use your email subject lines to build a strong brand identity.

Driving List Growth with Twitter Is NOT Rocket Science

But, it does take some planning, consistent work, and some creativity. With the tremendous growth of Twitter usage over the last year, it’s hard to ignore the 18 million people currently on Twitter. Here’s a quick overview for how Twitter can drive your email list growth and ultimately your sales. Fasten your seatbelt – this is really cool (and fun) stuff!

How to Use SEO as a Primary List-Building Tool

Did you know that typically 95% or more of Web traffic is wasted — people visit a Web site but don’t convert or leave their contact information? Do you know what percentage of your Web site traffic is wasted? In this month’s feature, we provide advice and tips on how to use search engine optimization (SEO) not only as a way to drive people your Web site, but also as a great list-building tool.

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