Do You Know Your Email-Marketing Number?

ING — a provider of retirement and insurance services — is currently running a great marketing and advertising campaign to get consumers to know the level of savings they need to retire. They lead with “Find Your Number.” In one of their television ads, for example, a guy asks his neighbor what his number is. The neighbor responds, apprehensively, with “a gazillion.” The point of the commercial is that if you don’t know your goal, you’ll never reach it because you don’t have a plan.

Get the Click: Animoto

Animoto is an online video creation service that lets users take their own photographs, videos, and music and make polished, professional-looking video slideshows. In this email, the company is letting its users know that they can now grab and incorporate photos from Instagram – the popular iPhone application that allows users to snap pictures, add filters, and share them on social networking sites. Overall, the email successfully communicates this message.

Get the Click: Honda

Five days before this year’s Super Bowl, Honda sent an email with a link to a television commercial that would be played for the first time during the game. The ad for the new 2012 Honda CR-V stars Matthew Broderick in a reprisal of his role as Ferris Bueller in the classic 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Although we don’t know Honda’s criteria for this email list, we do know that current CR-V owners – including those who recently purchased a CR-V – were on the list.

The War Against Graymail — How Will It Affect Your Email-Marketing Efforts?

A few months ago, Hotmail focused a lot of attention on the term “graymail,” which is used to describe emails and newsletters that users had opted-in to receive but no longer wanted. According to The Windows Blog, graymail accounts for as much as 75% of email classified as spam by users. As a result, Hotmail declared “a war on graymail,” introducing new tools for its users to keep graymail out of their inboxes. So how will this impact the results of your email-marketing campaigns and what can you do to avoid having your emails classified as graymail? That’s what we discuss in this month’s feature article.

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