The Power of a Single Call to Action

We recently published a newsletter for a client. Typically, each issue includes a quick survey. To boost response on a recent survey, we created a simple, dedicated email to encourage subscribers to click on the link to answer a couple of questions. We were seeking many more survey completions with this dedicated email.

9 Tips for Building a High-Quality Email List

Did you realize that a typical email list loses approximately 25% of its subscribers each year? This attrition is due to bounces, unsubscribes, and inactives – people who lose interest and no longer open and click through email messages. That means marketers always need to be actively growing their email lists to counteract the natural attrition. Here are nine easy and effective ways to help you get and keep your email list growing at a healthy rate.

Overview of ExactTarget's Connections 2011

ExactTarget, one of the largest email service providers in the world, heavily embraces the “power of one.” It makes sense because their toolset dramatically facilitates delivering emails that literally are unique to each recipient. With email, it is all about relevance. And when you can deliver email that is 100% customized and personalized to each recipient, you stand a far better chance of that email being opened and acted upon. ExactTarget, in their Connections 2011 conference, took the theme of the power of one to an entirely new level. There were so many powerful tips, thought-provoking data, and inspirational stories, it’s difficult to summarize them all, but here are a few I think you’ll find valuable…

Aron Ralston — Never Give Up

As I introduced in my first blog about the recent ExactTarget Connections 2011 conference, this is a summary of a session I found truly motivating. Aron Ralston – the mountain climber who faced the unimaginable – delivered the most riveting, inspirational story of the week. With over 3,000 people in the room, Aron spoke passionately for an hour. You could have heard a pin drop the entire time.

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