Email and Social Media: Playing in the Same Sandbox

Over the last year or so, there have been countless articles describing social media and email marketing as an either/or proposition. It seems that marketers sometimes forget that the goal is not to be an excellent social media marketer or email marketer, but to be a results-driven source of conversion whether your business objective is a click, a call, a sale, or a “like.” Ultimately, our customers and clients expect us to meet them where they prefer to engage. Often that means using multiple channels with various messages – the classic “marketing mix” we learned in school, but with new tools and messaging strategies.

Cart-Abandonment Recovery — A Huge Opportunity

I just got back from the Internet Retailers Conference 2011, where Loren McDonald – Vice President of Industry Relations at Silverpop – did a great job of presenting some of the major results of his company’s recently released report: “2011 Top Retailers Study: Benchmarks, Trends and Tactics for Better Marketing.” One of the most important points centered around a key class of email marketing called cart-abandonment recovery. To be clear, this is one of the most vital types of emails, right behind welcome email series. I’ve highlighted a few main points below that you don’t want to miss. The bottom line is that if you have a shopping cart and aren’t doing cart recovery, you’re leaving real money on the table – likely a lot of money!

Email Deliverability — What You Need to Know About Getting Your Emails to the Inbox

The success of an email-marketing program is highly dependent on email deliverability. After all, people can’t respond to your campaigns if they never receive your emails. How can you help ensure that the emails you send actually get to the people who signed up for them? That’s what we discuss in this month’s feature.

10 Tips for Using Email and Social Networking to Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

Marketers today are looking for every way possible to squeeze the most value from their promotional budgets. With the trade show and conference season now revving into full gear, we provide tips for using both email and social networking to help maximize your return on investment (ROI) from trade shows. Note that while email is fantastic for developing a relationship after you have the permission, a trade show is a wonderful tool to acquire the names. Doing things right before and after a show will help you build an even higher quality, more powerful list.

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