Email-Marketing Optimization — 7 Steps to Effective A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing is a great method for optimizing your email-marketing campaigns. And you may be surprised how easy implementing it is. Basically, it involves testing two versions of your email among a small group of your subscribers, determining which version gets the best results, and then using the winning version for the rest of your subscribers. You may also want to use this method to test elements of website landing pages.

Thompson Toyota Email: Does It Drive You to Be a Facebook Fan?

The primary goal of this email sent by the Doylestown, PA-based car dealership Thompson Toyota is to build the company’s Facebook fan base. Sent to customers, the email starts off with a strong subject line that is likely to drive a high open rate, especially among Facebook users: “Like Us on Facebook for a Chance to Win.” Recipients don’t know what they may win, but given that it’s sent from a car dealership, their curiosity is likely piqued. Could it be a car?

Rue La La Email: A Welcome Combination of Style and Substance

Rue La La is an invitation-only shopping website where members can buy from “private sale boutiques” that are open for a short time and offer top brands in fashion, travel, home, gourmet food, wine, and more. We recently reviewed a welcome email from a similar shopping website – Gilt. Compared to Gilt’s welcome email, this one does a better job of introducing the membership benefits to ultimately drive conversions.

Gilt Groupe Email: Does It Glitter or Is It Fool's Gold?

Gilt Groupe is a members-only shopping website that gives access to top designer labels at up to 60% off the retail price. In this welcome email, Gilt starts off effectively with a strong subject line: “Get Started with Gilt.” Sent to new members within minutes of signing up, recipients are looking forward to finding out more about Gilt.

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