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The 5 Essential Components for Email-Marketing Success

Organizations are realizing now more than ever how important leveraging the email-marketing channel is. In fact, email marketing was reported by 39.5% of Fortune 500 executives as the strongest performer among all advertising channels in a recent Datran Media survey. Why? A major reason is the great return on investment achieved with email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association, for example, email marketing delivered nearly $44 for every dollar spent in 2009. In this month’s feature, I highlight what I consider the 5 “essential components” of successful email-marketing campaigns.

Email Campaigns for Your Recent Web Visitors: Perhaps Your Biggest Opportunity

Have you ever considered sending emails to your recent Web site visitors? Most marketers don’t because they have nothing to relate an email address to a Web visitor. At a recent conference held by Lyris, we saw a growing number of marketers doing just that and yielding incredible results.

6 Steps to a Powerful Email Welcome Program

I recently attended a Lyris email-marketing conference in Chicago, and there was a critical theme that threaded through a number of the presentations – the power of a welcome program. I’ve talked about welcome emails before (see “9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Welcome Emails”). If you haven’t thought through the entire welcome experience, however, you’re missing one of the most critical elements of building your email list and the resulting email-marketing ROI. So, here I describe the architecture and elements you don’t want to miss for your email welcome program.

Get Realistic about Improving Your Email-Marketing Campaigns

Many clients ask us how to make dramatic improvements in their email-marketing efforts. Typically, the urgency to grow their lists—usually by a lot—comes to mind for most people. Although list growth is often at the heart of improvement, the right combination of efforts beyond list growth is also important to help you reach your goals.

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