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Create Compelling Subject Lines

Open Me! That’s what your subject line has to succinctly convey to your audience. Unfortunately, there’s no secret formula to creating a subject line that universally engages and drives action. Essentially you need to quickly and clearly state what your recipients can expect in the email message and say it in a way that grabs their attention. The following are some important strategies that we at FulcrumTech always review before writing subject lines.

Move Prospects Down the Sales Funnel with Email

It’s been a crazy busy summer, and now everyone is staring down at the final quarter of 2008.  So, the questions are coming into FulcrumTech about how to get prospects down the sales funnel with email newsletters, promotional email, and other forms of email marketing.  MarketingSherpa has a great chart that mirrors what we typically describe, and it provides a number of great metrics to measure at every stage.

The Best Investment during an Economic Downturn

Online Marketing Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Go — If you do any marketing, your company should focus its efforts on the most cost-effective option. Online marketing, including e-newsletters, email promotions and search advertising fit the bill. E-newsletters can be an important tool in a downturn because they nurture prospects, deepen relationships with customers, and establish you and your company as experts in what you do. If it’s tough to get the quick sale, focus on building the relationship. When things turn around, your list of prospects and customers will turn to you.

Sometimes You Have to Completely Change the Game

I always preach testing.

Test your subject lines, test your color usage, test your titles, test EVERYTHING. But sometimes it’s necessary to just start with a clean slate and try some radically different and new ideas. Just blow away your old website and your little font size changes tests, and design a brand new one! Blow away your old templates and create a new one!

CAN-SPAM ACT Updates for 2008

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (a Federal law) establishes the requirements (and penalties) for those who send commercial email. You can access an overview at the Federal Trade Commission Web site. An important update was just released, which is to go into effect on July 7, 2008. A great summary of the new interpretations can be found at Pepper Hamilton’s Web site. The key updates include clarifcations of the following…

7 Great Ideas for Generating Revenue from Your Content and Knowledge

I attended the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) meeting this week. This group included publishers from around the world.  Most publish some sort of electronic or print newsletters. One of the biggest issues on these publishers’ minds was how to get the business model right. How do we make money in this environment where so much is free? Here are 7 great ideas I heard…

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