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Using Social Media to Optimize Your Email Marketing, Part II: 5 Steps to Facebook Success

Last month we gave you tips on how to use Twitter to optimize your email-marketing program. In Part II of this two-part series, we switch the focus to Facebook. With more than 400 million active users — half of whom log on during any given day — Facebook is another great social networking tool that can be used to help boost the results of your email-marketing efforts. Here we share 5 steps to Facebook success.

How Good Was Your Last Haircut?

We’re often reminded that marketing always starts with your product or service. If you don’t have an outstanding product or service, no amount of marketing is going to get you to or keep you at the top. Recently, I had a wonderful reminder of this lesson. I needed a haircut. If you know me and how little hair I have, you know that this is not a complicated task. In this situation, however, my service provider (a franchisee of a very well-known company) managed to strike the kind of fear in me that you only see in 5-year-old boys who have the completely irrational fear of having a haircut.

Using Social Media to Optimize Your Email Marketing, Part I: 10 Tips for Twitter Success

Today there are over 75 million Twitter users and more than 400 million people on Facebook. So if social media is not yet part of your company’s marketing plan, it may be time to jump on the proverbial bandwagon. In this month’s feature — part 1 of a 2-part series — you’ll find 10 tips for how to use Twitter to help optimize your current email-marketing program.

Goals – Know Them to Meet Them

The year 2010 has been all about goals for me, my team, and our clients. Reminding ourselves, regularly, of the value of establishing goals is important. In business and our personal lives, having goals is so critical to achieving success, balance, or anything else you want out of your life. Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Interestingly, once you know your goals, getting there is often the easy part.

Email List Segmentation: 5 Ways to Boost Your ROI

How can you increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of your promotional email campaigns? Email list segmentation is a key way to improve your open, click-through, and conversion rates. By sending relevant emails to targeted segments of your email list, you can help ensure that your customers and prospects are getting information about the products and services they’re most interested in. Here we provide five tips for segmenting your email list to achieve optimal ROI.

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