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Email Segmentation — 5 Tips for Segmenting Your Email Lists to Drive More Conversions

The evidence is overwhelming — email list segmentation is a best practice that can dramatically improve email-campaign results. In a previous NewsLever feature, we gave five tips for segmenting email lists to help boost return on investment. Here we expand on that advice with five more ways to segment your email lists.

Microsoft Launches the New Email Service – How Will It Impact Email Users and Marketers?

Microsoft launched its new web-based email service on July 31 and within just 6 hours had 1 million users, according to a company Tweet. As this new email service makes its debut, I’ll share a quick look at some of’s benefits for users, as well as predict how it will potentially impact email marketers in the near future.

The Business Lead-Generation Playbook — 6 Steps to Successfully Grow Your Business

A solid lead-generation system is the heart of every successful business plan. That’s why it’s important to continually seek new and innovative ways to grow sales and build interest in your organization’s products and services. In this month’s feature, I share six essential steps from FulcrumTech’s Business Lead-Generation Playbook to help you effectively grow your company.

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