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How Consumer Magazines Can Use Email Marketing to Maximize ROI

Thanks to declines in circulation and advertising revenue, many of the world’s leading consumer magazines are hurting today. But are magazine publishers doing everything they can with email marketing to improve their situations? After analyzing over 5,000 email newsletters across 11 leading lifestyle and fashion magazines, we’ve identified many problems magazines are having with email, as well as opportunities for improvement. We’ve uncovered data that points to significant deliverability issues; for example, we found that some top magazines have had Gmail and Yahoo! spam rates of over 20%. Plus, there are magazines with read rates below 5%. What can be done to fix these problems? Find out what we advise here.

Video in Email — How to Get a Lift in Your Email Campaign Results

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is a video? We can get a good idea by looking at the lifts in email campaign performance rates when marketers use video in email. Here we share examples of video in email successes, talk about various options available for adding video to email, and provide a list of useful resources to help you learn more about the latest video email-marketing technology available today.

Key Email Strategy for Mobile-Responsive Web Design

How important is a mobile email strategy? Considering that more than 50% of most brands’ emails will be opened on a mobile device this year, a mobile email strategy is vital for success. Here we talk about how that strategy must go beyond simply the email design to ensure that your entire conversion path — from email to website landing page — provides a great mobile experience.

The Key to Subject Line Success: Testing, Not Guessing

A 67% lift in open rates and an 87% increase in revenue. This is just one example of the level of improvements FulcrumTech achieves for clients, thanks to subject line testing and optimization. In this case, the client was a major U.S. publishing company. Subject lines are what drive recipients to the top of the sales funnel in email campaigns; yet, many organizations spend little time and effort crafting or testing them. Here we show you the impact that subject line testing can have on email campaign performance, as well as offer some practical advice about how to achieve subject line success.

How to Minimize the Impact of Email Auto-Filters on Your Email-Marketing ROI

Thanks to an ever-increasing volume of email, more and more people today are motivated to do a better job of managing their email inboxes. As a result, a host of tools and applications are emerging to help reduce inbox clutter by auto-filtering emails into email folders or “stacks.” What does this mean for email marketers? And how can you minimize the impact of auto-filtering on your email performance rates and overall return on investment (ROI)? That’s what we talk about in this month’s NewsLever feature.

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