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How Can Colleges and Universities Use Email Marketing to Improve Admission Yields?

The number of college applications is up, but admission yields (i.e., the number of students who choose to enroll after being accepted) are declining. As a result of these trends, colleges and universities are striving to find new strategies for driving yield rates up, while also improving the academic quality of the student body and…

How to Use Triggered Emails to Drive Conversions

Automated, triggered emails are a great way to build subscriber engagement, while also increasing email performance and conversion rates. Once set up, triggered email campaigns easily and efficiently reach out and keep in touch with individual customers and prospects throughout the sales cycle. Is your organization using triggered emails effectively to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your email-marketing efforts? Here we share some interesting industry statistics, examples of successful campaigns, as well as useful tips on how to get the most from your triggered emails.

New Gmail Inbox Format — Do Marketers Now Face a Bigger Challenge Getting Emails to Gmail Subscribers?

Google’s Gmail recently rolled out a new tabbed inbox interface that automatically categorizes emails into five different folders. Will it have a substantial impact on the way users read emails and, subsequently, marketers’ ability to reach prospects and customers? It’s too early to definitively answer that question, but here we take a look at the new inbox and its potential effect on email-marketing campaigns.

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