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The Oops Email — What to Do When You Make an Email-Marketing Mistake

Try as you might to steer clear of email-marketing mistakes, you’ll likely make one at some time in your career. But how well your organization deals with an email error may determine whether you retain or lose customers. Here we share some best practice tips for handling email mistakes, as well as ways to avoid having to send an “oops” email.

12 Prime Tips to Send Your Email Newsletter Sign-Ups Soaring

So you’ve created a must-read email newsletter that’s relevant to your target audience (which we covered how to do in last month’s NewsLever feature). The next key step is to get lots of people to subscribe. What are the most effective ways to increase sign-ups? Here’s our advice. Why Are Email Newsletters Growing in Popularity…

13 Tips for Creating an Email Newsletter Your Subscribers Can’t Wait to Read

A quick read of highly relevant, bite-sized portions of information – that’s what successful email newsletters offer. They help cut through the clutter of online information with highlights of what’s important to a specific target audience. When it comes to email newsletters, are you doing everything possible to meet your subscribers’ needs? Is your publication…

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