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Email-Marketing Optimization — How to Retain More Customers and Radically Grow Sales

If your company is like most, your email-marketing efforts are heavily focused on the front end of your sales funnel: the acquisition and conversion of new customers. That means you’re likely not investing enough in your existing customer base. So, let’s focus on how to use email to optimize the back end of your sales funnel — retaining customers and upselling your product line — to drive more sales and revenue.

21 of the Newest, Coolest Email-Marketing Tools for Driving Sales

There are myriad new and easy-to-implement tools and technologies to help take your email performance results to the next level. Here are 20 cool email tools for driving engagement, improving deliverability, and increasing revenue that recently caught our eye. If you’re interested in any of these tools, be sure to contact us – we resell some of them and just may be able to save you money!

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