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Effective Email Preference Centers Help Keep Subscribers Active and Engaged

In last month’s feature, we gave you tips on how to build a high-quality email list. So, as you continue to grow your list of subscribers, you want to encourage subscribers to keep their preferences up to date – for their email address, name, desired frequency of emails, and more. Read more about how to create an effective email preference center that helps you keep your subscribers active and engaged.

9 Tips for Building a High-Quality Email List

Did you realize that a typical email list loses approximately 25% of its subscribers each year? This attrition is due to bounces, unsubscribes, and inactives – people who lose interest and no longer open and click through email messages. That means marketers always need to be actively growing their email lists to counteract the natural attrition. Here are nine easy and effective ways to help you get and keep your email list growing at a healthy rate.

10 Tips for Using Email and Social Networking to Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

Marketers today are looking for every way possible to squeeze the most value from their promotional budgets. With the trade show and conference season now revving into full gear, we provide tips for using both email and social networking to help maximize your return on investment (ROI) from trade shows. Note that while email is fantastic for developing a relationship after you have the permission, a trade show is a wonderful tool to acquire the names. Doing things right before and after a show will help you build an even higher quality, more powerful list.

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