Zillow Email Review: Could This Nurturing Email Be More Effective?

This nurturing email was sent to someone who had signed up to receive emails from the online real estate company Zillow. The subject line — “DIY Projects (You Can Actually Do)” — effectively catches the eye and imagination of subscribers as they scroll through their inboxes. After all, who isn’t interested in seeing some easy, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects?

21 of the Newest, Coolest Email-Marketing Tools for Driving Sales

There are myriad new and easy-to-implement tools and technologies to help take your email performance results to the next level. Here are 20 cool email tools for driving engagement, improving deliverability, and increasing revenue that recently caught our eye. If you’re interested in any of these tools, be sure to contact us – we resell some of them and just may be able to save you money!

Some of the Latest Email Stats, Studies, and Strategies to Help You Boost Email Engagement

Email engagement is one of the most important factors that affects deliverability. Are you interested in what’s driving fantastic email engagement for others? Here are some of the latest email-marketing studies and statistics that speak to how email is used by marketers today. And we’ve included some specific engagement-boosting strategies that you could incorporate into your own email-marketing program.

Panera Bread Birthday Email Review: Is This Offer Half-Baked?

“Olivia, It’s Your Special Day…”
This is the subject line of a birthday email sent to a Panera Bread customer who is enrolled in MyPanera, a rewards program that gives deals and discounts to customers on goods sold at the company’s bakery-cafés. Sent three days before the recipient’s birthday, not only is this subject line relevant, but it’s also personalized.

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