How to Use Dynamic Content in Your Email Marketing to Drive More Opens and Clicks

How do you get more prospects and customers to open and click your emails? Make sure that your emails are relevant, personal, and expected (i.e., recipients have actually asked to receive them). Check out a ton of ideas for leveraging dynamic content to optimize the relevant and personal aspects of your email marketing.

Email-Marketing Optimization — How to Retain More Customers and Radically Grow Sales

If your company is like most, your email-marketing efforts are heavily focused on the front end of your sales funnel: the acquisition and conversion of new customers. That means you’re likely not investing enough in your existing customer base. So, let’s focus on how to use email to optimize the back end of your sales funnel — retaining customers and upselling your product line — to drive more sales and revenue.

Trello Email Review: Does It Need to “Get A Grip” and Be More Focused?

“Get A Grip”
That’s the subject line of a nurturing email that was sent to someone who signed up with the Web-based visual project system Trello. Although it has personality and may capture your attention as you scan the inbox, this subject line lacks specificity and relevance. So, unless it really piques subscribers’ curiosity, it may not get the open.

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