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Email and Social Media: Playing in the Same Sandbox

Over the last year or so, there have been countless articles describing social media and email marketing as an either/or proposition. It seems that marketers sometimes forget that the goal is not to be an excellent social media marketer or email marketer, but to be a results-driven source of conversion whether your business objective is a click, a call, a sale, or a “like.” Ultimately, our customers and clients expect us to meet them where they prefer to engage. Often that means using multiple channels with various messages – the classic “marketing mix” we learned in school, but with new tools and messaging strategies.

The Role of Email in Social Media

There’s so much written about the social media sites these days — from Twitter, Facebook, and Digg to Flickr, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Delicious…and more. The big question we’re always asked is: What is email’s role today given the growth of social networking, and is there even a role for email tomorrow? I’d actually ask a second question: What is the role of social media in email?

5 Tips for Integrating Your Email Newsletter with Social Media

I recently read an article – “Making Email Newsletters More Social” – that was a great reminder of how to integrate your organization’s email newsletter with social media. More and more email marketers today are realizing the benefits of combining their social media and email-marketing efforts.

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