Email Drip Campaigns – Stay Top of Mind with These 5 Tips

Converting prospects into customers typically takes multiple contacts with them. But finding the time to connect with each and every prospect numerous times is a daunting task. To help meet this challenge, many marketers find that an automated email “drip” campaign can be a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective tool for reaching out and converting prospects. Here we share 5 tips for getting the most out of your automated drip email campaigns.

How to Create an Effective Call-to-Action – 10 Tips to Help Drive Conversions in Your Email Campaign

What do you want your subscribers to do, and why should they do it? In email marketing, that’s what your call-to-action should clearly and concisely communicate. Although a call-to-action is one of the most important factors driving conversion, many email marketers don’t give nearly enough attention to theirs. Here we discuss why you need to go beyond the generic “Click here,” and provide 10 tips for how to create effective calls to action.

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