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The Power of a Single Call to Action

We recently published a newsletter for a client. Typically, each issue includes a quick survey. To boost response on a recent survey, we created a simple, dedicated email to encourage subscribers to click on the link to answer a couple of questions. We were seeking many more survey completions with this dedicated email.

What Time of Day Should You Send Your Email Campaigns?

What’s the best time of day to send emails? The answer to this often-debated question is not so simple: it depends. It depends on the demographics of your particular audience and their email reading habits. Optimally, you want to have your email near the top of the list when your recipients open their inboxes. You also hope that when they see your email they’ll have the time to devote to opening, reading, and acting on your marketing message. But one thing is for sure – timing does indeed have a significant impact on the response to email campaigns.

Add Video to Your Email-Marketing Campaigns for a Whole New Level of Engagement

Can integrating video into your email campaigns positively impact your marketing results? The answer is yes – according to a recent study of more than 1 billion video emails by the Internet marketing firm Implix. Study results demonstrated that emails containing videos achieved 96.38% higher click-through rates and 5.6% higher open rates compared to non-video emails. In this month’s feature, we explore the hot topic of integrating video into email campaigns.

Email Campaigns for Your Recent Web Visitors: Perhaps Your Biggest Opportunity

Have you ever considered sending emails to your recent Web site visitors? Most marketers don’t because they have nothing to relate an email address to a Web visitor. At a recent conference held by Lyris, we saw a growing number of marketers doing just that and yielding incredible results.

Get Realistic about Improving Your Email-Marketing Campaigns

Many clients ask us how to make dramatic improvements in their email-marketing efforts. Typically, the urgency to grow their lists—usually by a lot—comes to mind for most people. Although list growth is often at the heart of improvement, the right combination of efforts beyond list growth is also important to help you reach your goals.

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